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Ayn of 1000 Days...


I am many things... An imaginative over thinker...

artist excited by possibilities, new beginnings,

organized mind with a creative heart.


Avid seeker of truth and character in humanity.  

Star trek girl livin' in a material world.  

Believer, that #humanityisfamily.  

Stay in touch for updates & inspiration



An only child who knows she has seven plus billion brother and sisters (hi y'all!)

But above all else...I'm a human being, who was born on this third planet that goes around that star every 365 days...

I do my best to be kind (doesn't always happen), seek out knowledge (always learning, will never stop), exploring my self and my world.  I label my self as woman, considered caucasian with ancestral roots through Ireland (close to 50%), Scotland, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands (thanks to Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors who came to this land before it was a nation) and I was born in this land now called the United States of America in the last quarter of the 20th century.  My parents were both artists of middle and lower middle class roots.  Growing up was an adventure of moving thirty times before my eighteenth birthday. 

I am a grass roots philosopher, storyteller by trade seeking out new worlds and discovering my humanity along the way.

This is my journey.  An artist at half life in the 21st century.  Welcome...

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