Artistically Organized Vision

 A concept of creating space in the individual life of an artist...

Creating space in our physical environment, space in our thoughts and space in time itself allows an artist's imagination, our greatest attribute,  to unfold into our creative process as artists.  

Imagination & creativity go hand in hand to create...

and creative chaos is a symptom of an artistic mind at work.  

There comes a point when the creativity can get stifled by the chaos and the value of time and artistry begins to suffer.  When an artistic and creative professional finds their life and creative flow blocked it's time for an ...

Artistically Organized Vision

Organizing Space for Creative Professionals

This is beyond organizing your space,

it's about the creative flow you have as an artist.


Project Ideas include...


Creative Storage Solutions

for home, office,

virtual & artistic spaces


maximize productivity 

alleviate frustration & time loss

Create the space you need in your life to allow your artistry to thrive




File Organization personally tailored to your specifications


Financial Online Automation 


Financial Systems that work

so that you control your cash flow

Web Design

Personalize Your Online Presence


Website Design tailored

to your creative vision 

in Wix format

with SEO settings

(hosting fees not included)

Marketing Plan,Social Media

connection & setup

Artistically Organized Vision is the concept of

CREATING mentality, physical surroundings & time.



Ayn Olivia Vaughan

Creative Organizer, Artist, Actress,

Storyteller, Writer & Grassroots Philosopher

My journey to creative organizing has taken many paths from large fortune 500 & 1000 corporations, small businesses, local chamber of commerce, non-profits, event production, film & TV production, to retail management and the service industry.

Through learning different procedures and business models, I've found the key to support professionals in their pursuits.  My unique career growth and skill set will give you insight into growing your business through organizing your creative space, mindset and career goals.

Having grown up with an artisan mother & musician father I have had opportunities to meet and work with many creative individuals.  This journey has given me a unique perspective on artistry, the creative mind, industry & career momentum.


Although I love working with creative professionals, I continue pursuing my own artistic career.    I'm in the trenches with you, designing, creating and living the creative life of an artist.



Phone Intro

GRATUS (10-20 minutes)



Discuss organizing projects & conform services that meet the clients' needs



$60 (60-75 minutes)

(in Person OR virtual)

Great for doers

that need to make a plan

but can get it done solo

OR Intro to...

Creative Organizing Sessions


$50 per hour (2 hour min)

/ $140 - 3 hours

Organize your personalized

creative space in home or office,

with tailored personalized 

Plan of Activation

and allow your artistic,

creative energy to flourish


Package rates available for larger and / or

ongoing projects


$500 - 10 hours

(2 hours minimum per session)


$500 - 10 hours

($45 per additional hour)

Includes website creation in the Wix format, SEO settings & social media setup


Artistically Organized Vision

is creative organizing by Ayn Olivia Vaughan

Find Your Vision

Now available in the Atlanta, GA area for short term projects & long term client relationships. Available Virtually.  /  Tel. 818-984-7129

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