Client Testimonials

Here are testimonials from my clients that choose to share, in their words... 

"Ayn Vaughan is an amazing virtual assistant, web-designer, brilliant writer, organizer, producer, marketing mastermind, actress, and friend, sometimes I wonder if there is anything she can’t do if she puts her mind to it. She is the Creatrice of this beautiful new website, and for months now, she has slogged over to my house to help me get (and keep) my life in order as I have become busier and busier…  She’s helped me with marketing, organizing, accounting, writing, and you name it. 

I honestly don’t know what I would do without her now…"

Karen Strassman ~ Professional Actor & Voiceover Artist

"Ayn is a miracle worker.  She has a very discerning eye and ability to create the vision that I was having difficulty just putting into words.  She likewise has an incredible talent for making something that is incredibly complicated, at least for me,  super easy to understand and control.  Simply put, she is an artist that understands your personal vision, can add to it and make it better and has the technical ability to make said vision into a beautiful reality.  She also puts you in the driver’s seat of your vision by teaching you the skills to navigate and change any and all features, giving you total control of your future. She is a master in every way. "

Lily Kravets ~ Professional Photographer

"When we know Ayn is coming over to assist us we get energized.  Her excellence, intelligence, and care are a profoundly grounding influence.  She has a gift of putting herself in your business shoes and knowing exactly how you like things done.  AND... she has great insights and suggestions that can ONLY enhance your particular business. Ayn doesn't go the extra mile.  She goes the extra 100 miles. We're very fortunate."

Robert & Michelle Colt ~ Founders of The Inside Game

"I’m so grateful to have had the good fortune to discover Ayn Vaughan.  As a creative business person, my strength has never been in being organized.  Ayn came in, listened intently to exactly what my needs were and not only reorganized my workspace, she also worked closely with me to create systems for the day to day operation of my business to make it flow with total ease.  Because of the work she has done, I’m able to work more efficiently and with a zen-like peace during my workday.  Thank you thank you thank you Ayn Vaughan!!!

Amy Jo Berman ~ Casting Director, Audition Expert & Social Media Pro