Ever wonder what floats through an artist's mind?

'Best to roll the razor edged words in layers and layers of goosedown and plush velvet bedding'


About Ayn

Ayn Olivia Vaughan grew up falling in love with stories. Some of her earliest memories are watching rehearsals at a local theatre and falling asleep in the front row, after a long school day.  The actors judged their rehearsal performance on how long she stayed awake.  From that point on, Ayn was in any production she could be a part of, either on stage or behind the scenes. 

Moving to Los Angeles in 2005 allowed Ayn the opportunity to learn the entertainment business from both sides of the camera. Whether working on the lot or with a small production, Ayn has always wanted to tell the story the best way possible and be a part of something bigger than herself.  Having worked on a variety of projects from major motion pictures, television, animation & independent film has given Ayn a unique perspective and depth of understanding that she continues to bring to her many projects in front of and behind the camera.


Following her wandering heart, Ayn is currently in the Atlanta area.  Ayn is also a creative organizer helping fellow creative professionals with Artistically Organized Vision.