​​Ayn Olivia Vaughan grew up in falling asleep in theatre.


Her mother's career in costume design and production allowed her to see many shows from community theatre through regional contemporary theatre including Shakespeare and the classics, up and down the Eastern Seaboard.  Some of Ayn's earliest memories are falling asleep in the front row during rehearsals of a local community theatre, where the actors judged their performance on how long she stayed awake.

At nine years old, she debuted singing 'The Greatest Love of All' in an after school talent show at the local YMCA. From that point on, any production Ayn could be a part of, she was in, either on stage or behind the scenes.  She continued to thrive on seeing regional contemporary theatre as well as the classics and shakespeare, of course.

In 2000, Ayn was cast in 'Imitating Life', a profound one act original play about what is lost when a life is aborted.  'Imitating Life' placed third in the 2001 Delaware one act play competition.  In 2002, Ayn had the opportunity to supervise costumes for the independent film 'Steve Phoenix'.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2005, allowed Ayn the opportunity to learn the entertainment business from both sides of the camera.  Behind the scenes, she has worked in many capacities on Gilmore Girls, Indiana Jones 4, Charlie Wilson's War, Gods & Generals and Alpha & Omega.  Whether working on the lot or with a small production, Ayn has always wanted to tell the story the best way possible.  In 2012, Ayn started her own business as a creative assistant to Entertainment Industry Professionals.  Her new enterprise allows Ayn to pursue her own acting career while assisting of creative entrepreneurs in their own businesses.  

Find more at www.yourcreativeassistant.com


In the spring of 2013, Ayn had her L.A stage premiere as the 'Extravagently funny' Peggy in the perenially classic comedy 'The Women' by Claire Booth Luce.  Inspired the the director's vision of 'society in a bubble' and that bubble being supported by a working class of women, Ayn was excited to have the opportunity to explore one of her favorite plays at her theatre home of two years, Theatre West LA.  Ayn now calls her creative home, her ongoing learning experiences at Shari Shaw Acting Studio.


Having worked on a variety of projects from major motion pictures, television, animation & independent film, has given Ayn a unique perspective and depth of understanding that she continues to bring to her many projects in front of and behind the camera.

Ayn Olivia Vaughan

Grassroots Philosopher & Storyteller by Trade 

"Just a Star Trek girl, Livin' in a

Material World"