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In my artistic creative journey, I've come across many people, places & resources that inspire me, organize my life and peak my curiosity.   This is where I'm passing on my finds ~ Explore & Enjoy!

I visit this website daily for insight into how best to plan the flow of my day.  Moon phases, body care, when it's best to do what on my endless todo list.  

I always seem to align the hustle when I check in and plan accordingly.

Daily Om is a great resource for inspiration and has great course material for self motivated self-care.  Jen sincero has an excellent course on here.  If you haven't read her work, you must check out YOU ARE A BADASS! (her badass money book is great too!)

This app (that I use on my apple devices) has become my goto morning must do.  It really helps to get my head on straight by clearing up my mind space and helping to let go.  I breathe better, taking fuller mindful breathes through out the day and I believe it's because of this app.  Meditation always seemed like it wasn't for me, until I found what works.  They have a daily medication and then multi-meditations.  Sleep, meditations, guest speakers and music for mediation seem to be new (I haven't tried everything yet!) but I find the daily assist very beneficial.  Check it out on your phone or their website.  

My goto reader of choice! I read e-books on my iPad and listen to audio books on my phone.  It's a one stop shop for both types of books and has many mundane resources, like old house plan books from the 20th century (I used to go to the library as a kid to look at these) so if you want to try an alternative to audible for less $, check this on out.  There are not many titles that I haven't been able to find here.

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