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Organizing Space IRL & online for Creative Professionals

So... you want to build a Website...?

ONLINE PRESENCE & control of YOUR ARTISTIC MESSAGE is a must for a creative professional !!! 


There are many options to build your own website and I know it’s seems crazy that I’m going to spell it out for you, but the most important thing we have is our time (and what we do with it…)  Below you will find a lot of information about creating your online presence but if you just want to get started, click these two links and we'll jump right in! 

below you will find detailed answers to:

Website Options & the Winner (in my opinion)

Your Online Presence and why it is imperative to your success

what to expect & how to proceed

links to articles that I think help you get even more detail (if you want it!)

Website options (and why...)

When website building became mainstream, there were not a lot of options if you didn't know how to code.  


One of my earliest jobs was working as a receptionist at a computer consulting firm in the heyday of Y2K.  I would ask the help desk any (and every!) question that I could think of.  I was even offered the opportunity to go through their training program and become a computer technician.  Working in IT was never a goal of mine, but the idea of being able to connect our world has always been a passion.  I'm sharing this now because you should know who you are working with and why I make the recommendations that I do.

Honestly, if you are in the market to encrypt data (think healthcare or government websites) you should go with an IT company that will code your website on whatever platform they prefer to use.  If you are looking to build an online store front, wordpress is an ok option, but square space may be better.  Especially if all you want to do is add pictures of your products and have a built in purchasing software.  Frankly, there are many options for creating an online storefront for a variety of businesses.  Wordpress can be limiting in the ability to change (unless you know how to code or get 'behind the scenes'...) 

If you've read this far, I'm assuming you don't know how to code your own website...

Squarespace is great if you have a product and the simple designs lend themselves to an online option over a 'bricks & mortar' store.  They have a variety of options, but are still limited in their design and visual aesthetic.  There are plenty of companies online offering hosting services for a nominal price and the ability to plug in your content and build it yourself.  If you have the skill set and a defined understanding of you as an artist, then by all means...

Go for it!  

But before you do, check out below what I think is your best option as a creative professional...

webste options

and the winner is...WIX!

When building an online presence, every business today must take into account their consumer.  

You can have an amazing website, but if it doesn't clearly reflect what you are bringing to your respective industry, than it's a waste of a click.  


At most, you'll have seconds to catch someone's attention...


We all know what it's like on social media and that is the way we are now operating in business.  So how clickable you are does matter...

But that's not what CREATIVES are about! (I KNOW, right...)

Our product is US, the artist and whatever we create.  Visual artists (painters, photographers, graphic designers) are more than an online store.  Actors, Musicians, Singers all have their own vibe.  And we need to have an online presence that represents us.

Which is why I recommend WIX!  

Having worked exclusively in the Wix platform for the last eight years, I've got extensive knowledge on how to get a website up and running fast, no matter the content.  And the technology changes all the time, Wix is now the best product for creating a visually pleasing and defined design for each creative pro.


The design options are endless...

A client will receive 3-5 templates (from thousands) that I will specifically choose base on the clients' vision but every element can change and the availability or colors, fonts & movement can create a unique visual representation of you, the artist, the performer, the creative pro.  Online store and blog options are available along with subscription based sections, email marketing options & password protected pages (think pitch material)...

How much is your time worth to you?

After spent hundreds (maybe over a thousand) hours creating websites using Wix templates, I’ve trouble shot issues that have arisen, including; connecting website names to the hosting source, how to connect all of a client’s online presence into a cohesive design that represents the client, not a cookie cutter format.  Together, we'll handle any issues that arise.


Learn to do it yourself too!

I’ve also taught clients to access and utilize the platform to make their own changes.

Basically, I’m a wealth of ‘let’s make this work’ ideas because no two websites (or clients) are alike!


Control your Online Presence

Every client gets their own account and I work through that account to create your online presence, connecting your domain name of choice as well as personalized email and email marketing (if requested).  



When we are done working, you can change the password and I'm out.  We will continue working together as long as you are interested.  I've had clients who have taken over their websites and after a year or two have completely redesigned it.  That's your perogative as a creative professional and we all know artists are full of ideas.  I'll even help you learn how...

Listen, there are companies and website developers that will take your content and plug it into a template that looks like so many others...and many of those companies will keep control (hosting).  This way you have to go back to them for updates and can create the possibility of access to your website disappearing in the future.  (I've heard horror stories...)


My clients get an online presence tailored to their identity as an artist and the best part is that once we finish your website - you have the control.  It's yours, your vision, your future...your artistic identity and livelihood.



The goal is that you have the control and ability to shift your message as you need to. Because of this, I don’t host your site, it lives with you, under your control.  I am available for updates and consultations at any time, but you are the leader of your Artistic Vision and your website must represent you and your art (your product).


BELOW are a few examples of client websites...

I would share more but once I hand a website over it becomes the clients' vision.

And yes, as a perfectionist there are things I would change, but once the client has control it’s up to them…

online presence
what to expect

You in?

Ok, that's a great start on our journey together, right?

So, if you are ready for the next step, click the button below and I will respond as my schedule permits.

I value our time as well as my other clients.  Please be ready to dive in and have your content prepared.

I offer a great package rate for website builds.

Click the Rates button below and you can find the Online Presence Package for cost.  Please remember, this is all an individualized design service and website builds take 2-4 weeks depending on content availability and scheduling.


What to expect...

I work individually with every client to tailor their website to them, their creative vision and pursuits.

Whether an actor, writer, voiceover artist, photographer, coach, visual artist, painter...


Together we craft a plan for the design, visual aesthetic and content.  You will provide me with anything you wish to include.  And my favorite creative pro is a multi-hyphenate.  So if you are a triple or quadruple threat, we'll make it an amazing online presence.  (a creative pro with multiple artistic endeavors are after my heart!)

After an initial conversation about your artistic focus, we will dive into the design aspect.  This can all be done virtually.  

I will be updating as we discuss design over the phone and with a quick refresh, you can see the changes in real time. Sometimes, I will take our notes and make the changes we've discussed and email you when the link is ready to review.

What you are getting from my is my time, attention to detail and passion for artists finding their voice and having control of their artistic message.  I'm in this with you because I'm not just a creative organizer, but an actor and storyteller.

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