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I've started many times before...

I think the hardest thing about being creative is completion. It's always been a hang up for me. Sometimes the pursuit of the idea is all that matters, never the outcome. Because the outcome is never guaranteed... Living a creative life is a choice. It takes the big three...time, energy and money. But the beauty of a creative life is it doesn't matter who sees it as long as I see it realized. And a project is done or undone, that is the choice of the artist.

For me, i started this blog in 2013 and left it hidden as I leave many hidden things in my life. Thoughts best left unshared, creativity run amuck and ideas best left on the page and not brought forth into reality. I'm a taurean and therefore bullheaded, so trust me when I say that there are many ideas that sometimes should just be left as written words in a journal on the shelf. This idea of sharing with a world beyond the keyboard has sat with me for sometime. The idea of #Aynof1000days is simple in the idea or complex as I chose it to be...

The initial 1000 days was randomly thrown in my electronic calendar (ical by choice) as a countdown to February 25th, 2016. The first time, I didn't label it. It was just a reminder...that I was tracking myself and a reminder to check in with 1000 days. The first 1000 days saw two moves across the San Fernando Valley. It saw me admitting to myself that I am worthy. It allowed me the space of time to process my life and where it wasn't going. In some ways it gave me a chance to breathe and let go of what might have been to be in what is...

I have always felt that my head and heart lead mutually. But that my head had taken the reins and my heart comes around and kicks me in the ass for not letting it have its say. This here is the beginning of my sharing this journey. I will be adding additional notations from journals that I have made in the past ( I will note that they have been added when posting at the original written date). As of this post the only one before is the first on June 1, 2013.

All I ask is kind. These words are mine and it's my head & my heart among them. One of my greatest fears is being embarrassed or exposed, so here I'll lay myself bare. This is my story, my rambling ponderings and my opinion. My hope is that as I complete this current round of 1000 days on December 1st, 2018, that this will be a robust excerpt of me. Whether or not it matters to you, I respect your opinion. Just be kind with how you perceive what is written here. I am human after all and we are on this journey together.

Ayn Olivia

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