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We girls are full of possibilities,

imagined worlds of grown up lives

Before the taint of reality

tears us away from rose tinted lies

We see families, communities grow,

Together building tomorrow

Possibilities abound

Reality puts asunder

We play with our friends no matter race or color,

before society changes

The color of our rose colored glasses

to shades of muted gray

Shielding our view from the possibilities

As women we walk without direction

From school to home to store,

never questioning why not more?

And yet we carry our potential

with us everywhere we go...

Within us exists the possibility

To create, bring forth life and ideas so...

Every cycle of moon

for our short time on earth.

We are reminded of our potential

to birth not only children,

but worlds of our imagination

Creation within us,

shall not divide us

But help us to remember

that no matter the way

We arrive at the conclusion,

it’s time for our family’s reunion.

One earth, the Terran race

is the gift of our humanity.

Let us go forth with love

And knowledge held true

We women bring it home

And finish what deeds need done

Vulnerability is our greatest strength ,

Not of our body, mind or soul

But of humanity, kindness and care

We give to others, different from self

When cut we all bleed red

And some of us bleed every moon

But within woman exists man

Or he would cease to exist at all.

No woman or man

is an island alone

It’s together we are better

And enough to get it done.

Through fierce intellect

And spirit we’ll find

The world of possibilities

That our imagination has guided

In that vision we seek

Humanity is family undivided

No line on a map, or definition of self

Will in the end, blockade truth held

We are more together,

Better, stronger

Then our mental definitions

Of what’s right or expected

We are the end and the beginning

And all that is between

This journey, this walk

A path to find our divinity

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